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 NaturallySkilled's Middleman Services

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PostSubject: NaturallySkilled's Middleman Services   Thu May 20, 2010 2:01 am

Location: Virginia, United States.

Please remember: When posting the trade information here, DO NOT post either trader's address. Send it to me via Private Message.

1.) Rules:
-I require that both ends reach me within 2 weeks.
-I would prefer to do middleman trades in North America only, but International is possible.
-Shipment will be immediate as I know both trades want there ends.
-I will be starting small and only doing middleman trades involving cash and/or cards.

2.)My Fee is as follows:

US, Canadian, and Mexican Residents (Includes US Territories):
$5.00 USD from each person.

International Residents:
$10.00 USD from each person.

-This will cover a regular envelope with a receipt of sending (With bigger trades confirmation and/or bubble mailers will be used)
-The fee also covers things like gas, postal and cards supplies used, personal time involved for the trade, etc.
-It is up to the indivivual traders to decide how the fee will be covered.
-The fee may be required to increase for larger trades in order to cover the added weight of the item(s) being shipped.
-If fee is not paid, then items will be held until fee is paid.
-The fee is non-refundable. If the trade is cancelled for any reason, then the fee will be used to cover the cost of returning the items to you.

3.) Paypal and Concealed Cash
I DO have a Paypal account if you would like to have transactions payed that way. I do accept concealed cash (prefered). In some cases, I can accept cards, but money is always more efficient.

4.) Accountability
I will NOT be held accountable with any problems with a trade as they are arriving to me. This includes items either being damaged or lost in the mail. As a result, this will also include the excemption of negative references and legal issues (i.e. Mail Fraud, etc). I will do everything in my power to ensure their safe arrival to you, so I expect the same from you as well.

5.) Protecting From Damage
To help prevent damage to the cards, I recommend using this method...
-Place only 1 card per sleeve and only 2 sleeved cards per toploader, with the toploader taped shut.
-If you plan on sending in a standard (non-padded) envelope, please use the Post Office service option called "hand processing." The cost for the service is 20 cents. This will help ensure the envelope (and all of its contents) arrive to me safe and undamaged.

6.) Communication and Reminders
To help make things easier on me, each person needs to include a note of what excatly that the trade they are involved in will be consisting of.

Communication is always a good thing...
-Please stay in contact with your fellow trading partner (after all, it is your trade to begin with).
-Please post any and all trade related questions on this thread only (my PM box is constantly getting filled up by questions that are needing to be posted here).

Please do not tell me that you are needing the cards by a "certain time" (i.e locals, regionals, etc), because I cannot control how long a trade will take.
-A trade is as long as the time needed for 2 traders to send their ends out to me, so I can (in turn) then send them out to the other person.*
-The fastest way to find out an update on a trade is to ask your trading partner. I can only send out after I receive from them.

Thank you for choosing me as your middleman and how for the best!

Current Middleman Trades:


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NaturallySkilled's Middleman Services
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